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Today is September 9, and the opening of the Stargate.

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This Stargate will stay open until early morning on September 18, which is when Saturn turns direct on 13 degrees 55 minutes Capricorn. It is exciting to watch Mona go through the prelaunch phase for her next book — The Body Awakens — which will be available on the 9th of this month! Hi Everyone, Mahala mentioned that I should put a link to my latest musings with regards to what is coming our way for the next few months and culminating in January We just moved through the full moon of August 15, This full moon brought in much light, and that light brought to our attention how dark it appears to be on Earth.

Hi everyone: I am starting to get my energy back and decided to write a short article today which is July 31, I would like to thank all of you who sent me messages of love.

With Regulus now in Tropical Virgo, it seems so appropriate and timely as we consider a world ruled by powerful elites and societies ruled by money and power. Now we have Regulus in the sign of service, resourcefulness, technology, skill and duty, as we consider waste, global resources, efficiency and how to get things working better.

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This shift seems timely to say the least. We are all called to a service of some kind, helping to shape a better world. The shift from one to the other brings with it a new focus, a new energy. Read more. Ketu the transiting lunar south node entered Capricorn in November It met Pluto late December and will join Saturn early March This particular astrological event may bring tangible consequences.

Inseparable from philosophy and the meaning of life, astrology illustrates how our lives and destinies--terms that refer both to usage and destination--tend toward a finality, or self-realization unconnected to wealth, power, or fame Read more. We find ourselves in a time of disclosure and revelation, take a deep breath, the good news is, this is when collective awareness can begin to transform itself into consciousness.

Have you found your role in the Chaos of our times? Into which realm would you throw the apple of discord to start a significant ripple of change! Many Western astrologers believe that we have reached an important juncture and are about to enter a new age, the Aquarian Age, however this idea is hotly contested1. When does the vernal point actually enter the stars of Aquarius?

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While theories abound as to when this will happen, no-one has come up with a definitive date Read more. Libra Ingress- Equinox Read more.

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Pluto and its Nodes, their planetary rulers, and aspects to these from other planets, correlate to the root structure within any birth chart. A little life Review! Here are some thoughts for you during the lingering last days of the cyclonic, electrifying wild and crazy ride offered up to us by the once-every-eighty-four-year transit of Uranus in Aries.

Uranus is the energy of the unpredictable, the dramatic, bringing quick startling changes. The Uranus ingress took place in March Recall these events? The exact squares of Pluto and Uranus are over, but still has Uranus and Pluto squaring with 3 degree orb, joined by an opposition and square to Jupiter with Eris also in the line up!

A review of the Pluto Uranus squares and their connection to Eris, awakening all generations born with Eris in Aries every one born Post has Eris in Aries during these cardinal squares and T-squares is still as relevant as it was in , , , when we anticipated the chaos and disruption we find our selves in now.


There is much more in the world that unifies us than separates us, as the ripples of uncertainty radiate across the globe. It is the over flow of a chaotic year ending, with the anticipation of what will be in the coming year. These major turning points, the Solstices in our Tropical Astrological methods are always aligned with the cardinal ingresses, when the Sun enters Capricorn and Cancer at the Solstices, and Aries and Libra at the Equinoxes.

Planets are forming hard angular aspects while the Earth will be shadowed by Eclipses. The electromagnetic pull on the Earth at an eclipse it very powerful, added to this fact is that the highest tides are at the New Moon Solar Eclipse and high tides also at the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. These creates an increase in electromagnetic interference on the earth plane.

Virgo itself in mundane astrology Read more. The history of Jupiter in Libra offers us some key moments in our current story with the formation of the EEC in , which then morphed into the EU in with the Euro currency - also first World Trade Centre bombing. In , many financial astrologers predicted that the global economy would start to recede; at the same time, bankers and economists, on the contrary, were expecting the economy to revive or the recession to come to an end.

The prediction of astrologers is indeed on solid ground. In and , Jupiter-Saturn and Saturn-Neptune, both of which are related to economic development, would respectively form squares while, coincidentally, both of them will be in the last square of their respective synodic cycles. Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is the repository of the secrets of life and death.