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12222 is a lucky year, if you are born on any of these dates

Angel Calendar 3: Intellectual level. The time and location of a native's birth, his place of birth along with its co ordinates play major parts in respect of his planetary positions. The ascendant sign, moon rise and sun rise on that particular day are also meticulously taken into account. One has to take into account the given planetary positions on that particular day which are outlined in almanacs.

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The Natal chart forms the basis of manifold astrological predictions because calculations are made as to the locations of six planets from Sun to Saturn along with the lunar phases of Rahu and Ketu. The planets according to Indian astrology are supposed to inhibit twelve different signs.

The sign in which Moon is placed is called the birth sign or "Janam Rashi"; whereas the star constellation in which moon finds itself is called "Janam Nakshatra". The nine planets which have relevance to certain facets of our existence rule the different aspects or bhavas of the birth chart. The Sun and Moon own one house each whereas the other planets have heir lordships with two houses.

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Placement of a planet in a given Natal chart is decided as per the longitudinal intersection of the planet and that of the cusp. The planets occupying various signs encapsulate the qualities, characteristic and potentialities within us. A planet in exaltation represents that the energy level of a particular degree coincides with the natural energy contained by the given planet. Horoscope is a reflection of the cosmos at the point of your birth.

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The tenure ship of various planets is outlined in the horoscope. The major phases and sub phases of the different planets follow the course of the natives birth chart. Horoscope is all about individuality.

So, it is important that you choose your marriage date after a good research. Here is the way how to choose your marriage date.

Horoscope in Malayalam based on date of birth

Date of marriage and numerology Numerology guides us to choose the perfect date of marriage by date of birth. As per the general rule, dates 1 and 9 of every month are best dates to get married for all persons born on any date. Also, if the destiny number of the marriage date is 1 or 9 totaling all the digits in the given date then the date is suitable for marriage for all people. Calculate the destiny number. Best date of marriage as per numerology Destiny Number What it is Best date of marriage 1 1,10,19,28 Date with destiny number 1 2 2,20,29 Date with destiny number 1 or 7 3 3,12, 30 Date with destiny number 3 or 9 4 4,13,22 Date with destiny number 1 or 7 5 5,14,23 Date with destiny number 9 6 6,15,24 Date with destiny number 6 or 9 7 7,16,25 Date with destiny number 1 or 2 8 8,17,26 Date with destiny number 1 9 9,18,27 Date with destiny number 9,3 or 6.

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